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Google Posts For Small Businesses Moves To Google My Business

Google have now moved their management posts and hopes to expand the companies posts to a lot more businesses and organisations.

Google Posts is a great feature which allows you to create content/information and it will appear highly within the search results for the company’s name. Also, there is no way anyone can access Google Posts home page, these can only appear with search results when searching the name of the company.

Google posts have now changed to the location of this feature has shifted to be within the Google My Business section. Google posts is a great feature within the company which allows businesses to create content directly on google which appears very high within the search results. Google and the team have been testing new designs for post in google my businesses page, as they need to keep their designs up to date.

We have also found out Google have been expanding Google posts to lots more businesses and people. Google have said that Google Posts are not open for businesses that weren’t already invited into the programme. Google have said that it will be available to more people over time and an update will be released to the public soon.

For those people who do have access, you can see it under the location of Google My Business, by clicking on the left to expand all the location’s features and options etc.