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238% Existing Client Growth, 58% New Business, 200% Profitability

How well are your PPC campaigns performing?

Adstats offers a free, self contained health check for PPC campaigns. Gain impressive insights and intelligent quick fixes to transform your campaigns.

Agency support

The Adstats platform was built in recognition of the complexity of the PPC data market. Supported by a team of experts from a digital agency background, the Adstats team offer personal insight and tips beyond the digital dashboard.

Live Trading Dashboard


Adstats turns complex data into real time results, with tooltips and notifications built into make PPC campaign management a breeze.

Device Breakdown


Adstats auto generates metric targets using our cutting-edge prediction algorithm. Use the platform to spot trends and changes as they happen, enabling you to minimise waste.

Google & Bing


Manage budgets, generate reports and make game-changing decisions across Google and Bing, all in one place. Simple to set up, the Adstats platform delivers unmatched efficiency across devices.

Predictably Smart


The Adstats platform includes an inbuilt forecasting tool, tested and proved to be over 95% accurate, allowing you to predict trends and capitalise on opportunities before and as they happen.

Why Choose Adstats?

Adstats is designed and built to make sense of multiple data streams and sources, generating results and cues important to you. The platform offers unmatched insights into real-time advertising issues including budget limits, bidding opportunities and historic trends.

  • Save Time & Improve Results
  • Adwords & Bing Ads in One Platform
  • 50 x more efficient at campaign management*
  • Real Time Data enables real time decisions
  • Agencies have seen 58% increase in New business and 238% growth in existing clients.