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10 Expert PPC Tips for Writing Successful Text Ads

Every part within setting up a PPC campaign is very important, but one of the main elements of creating a campaign is making sure the text ads are highly targeted.

When writing text ads you need to make sure you understand the all of the business needs from users clicking on the text ads. Users need to be able to understand what the landing page is going to be before they click the advert. Your text ads should be specific, relevant and attractive!

Understanding the clients business

1. Finding out all the crucial information regarding the clients products and services they are selling as a business. When new potential clients want to onboard to use our services we make sure we understand every element of what they want to get out of using PPC. So this could be to increase the volume of traffic or could be to increase the businesses online sales etc.

Get into the mind of the clients target audience

2.  Getting into the mind of the clients target audience, you need to understand why they will be wanting the service? How will this service or product benefit them? What questions might they have about the product? By answering these questions this will help you write the ad content. Tell people how to contact you, this can be by using call to actions such as browse, order, sign up, or get a quote. Make sure you allow the customers to know what the next steps are going to be from clicking on the advert.

Including benefits of the product or service

3. Make sure you include product and service benefits, this is so the ad can stand out from all competitors. What will make users want to buy or use your services? What makes your product or service stand out? Once you have discovered the benefits put all the most relevant in the ad text.

Including highly targeted keywords

4. When creating the advert by showing keywords in the headlines it shows your ads relevance to what users are searching for. For an example if you are using “car insurance” as a keyword and then an appropriate headline would be “Get a competitive quote today”.

Including the price in the ad title

5. You can decide if showing the price of the service or product will be a good option to have on your ad title. You can do this by including the price on one of the adverts out of the three.

Have you carried out competitor research

6. If you have carried out some competitor research and have found the product or services price is competitive, then you can potentially include the price. (Make sure that you monitor carefully as your competitors could lower their prices.) You could even only have one ad showing the prices of your services then the other two ads without the price.

Using tag lines from the customers website

7. If you visit the clients website you may be able to find some good existing tag lines which could stand out and pull users to click the advert.

Proofread all text ads

8. When you have written the text ad make sure you proofread the ad before it goes live, you should get a few more eyes to check the ad over, even check to see if you have your clients approval.

Ad texts headlines are key

9. When you are creating your ad texts the first element you will need to consider which is very important are the headlines. The headlines are key element of making your ad stand out, your description display URL and the ad extensions compliment the headlines so write them thoughtfully.


10. When creating text ads Google recommend creating three to four ads for each ad group, and changing the adverts up by using different messages for each, this is so you can see what ad is performing well compared to the others. AdWords rotates ads automatically to show the best performing ads more often.