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AdWords App Allows Users to Add, Edit & Remove Keywords

Google finally releases an update to its AdWords app to allow advertisers to add, edit or remove keywords. 

As Google apps go, they aren’t the most user friendly. The Analytics app is sometimes confusing to navigate, and the AdWords app restricted you from adding, editing or even remove keywords from their respective campaigns. It was lacking the fundamentals of what makes AdWords the leading PPC platform. But, that has all changed…well, for the AdWords app anyway.

Google has released a much-needed update to enable advertisers to add, edit and remove keywords from campaigns all at the swipe of a finger.

Keywords can increase your sales and lower your costs, or vice versa if managed poorly. With the AdWords app, you can select high-quality, relevant keywords for your ad campaigns whilst on the move.

How to Add a Keyword:

  • To add a keyword
  • Tap the blue ‘plus’ button
  • Select a campaign
  • Tap ‘+ Add a keyword’
  • Enter a word or phrase
  • Choose your match type
  • Tap the tick
  • Tap ‘save’
  • Carry on with your day

 How to Remove a Keyword:

  • From the ‘Overview’ screen, scroll down and tap ‘Keywords’
  • Tap the keyword that you want to remove, then tap the trashcan. You’ll be asked to confirm this action before the keyword is removed
  • Carry on with your day

How to Edit Keywords:

  • From the ‘Overview’ screen, scroll down and tap ‘Keywords’
  • Tap the keywords you want to edit
  • From here, you can change the keyword or the match type
  • Carry on with your day

To learn how to get keyword ideas and forecast your keyword performance, see Google’s help guide.

The AdWords app can be downloaded from the Apple iOs and Google Play app stores.