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Quora have just launched a self-serve ad platform





Quora is the question and answer site where questions can be asked and answered by all of the users. Quora last year in the month April 2016 they began to allow the users to create ads within the site, but from April 2016 they have only allowed pre-approved advertising partners for an example Shopify & Mulesoft are two of the first companies to advertise within the company’s site. Quora has now been released to any small or large company to advertise which is great, so anyone can now advertise with text based ads and mobile app install ads. But the ads fit in with the design of the website which is a positive for all users as they don’t stand out to be ads this could be seen as a positive to advertisers as users will be reading an ad without even realising.


Within targeting customers advertisers can use topic targeting, this is how the company categorizes all of the questions and answers. To advertise within specific topics like science, politics or cryptocurrencies. Advertisers can choose to target ether desktop or mobiles.In comparison to Quora to the unlimited targeting options that Facebook gives advertisers, targeting by topic, location & platform is typical for sites that don’t collect much information from users.

While advertisers target an ad, they can choose a budget they can work around which is a Cost Per Click a real-time auction model. Advertisers decide on their CPC by the way the ad is performing. Quora will offer a conversion pixel which is a tool which you can create a JavaScript code to place on your website. This can show advertisers evidence of performance and return on investment (ROI).

Now Quora have now developed self-serve ad platform this means that they won’t have to work that hard with getting companies to advertise within the site, as now advertisers can self-serve and place their own ads when they want without any assistance from an advertising sales representative.



The marketing benefits of Quora

When you think about your marketing strategy & digital marketing you would think of social media sites and google and Bing. But as Quora has over 100 million unique visitors each month, it makes Quora’s platform less competitive than other online advertising agencies which will give advertisers a perfect opportunity for unknown brands to become well known by a brand-new audience.

Also by being a new advertising platform with less competition. Within this site it’s all about making a discussion that lots of people can engage with as the sites about all different topics. People on this site are ready to learn and discover new things that’s why, if you write the perfect message you are more likely to get a higher CTR than any other advertising platform.