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Lots Of People Are Experiencing High Growth From Google Shopping Ads!

Based on growth percentage within Google Shopping customers are losing ground to their competition. From research that we have gathered online if your shopping ads haven’t grown from at least 90% from the year 2015 to 2016 theirs a problem within your campaign.

Over the last two years Google Shopping have had a large amount of natural growth. The shopping’s share of Paid search engine results page (SERP) have increased from 51% to 71%.

Looking at the natural growth factors of the shopping campaign without doing any extra work was 89% in clicks over the year of 2016. This isn’t an advantage to your company as all your competitors will have had an 89% increase. It’s what you do as a company from there as you must work up from that percentage to be better than your competitors.

Natural Shopping Growth

Google have put in a huge amount of effort into Google Shopping as lots of people are getting a lot more for their money. Google seem to be on top of everything making Google Shopping more advanced.

Within Google Shopping we have seen a massive increase on the number of ads you see on each page and all we see is the organic listings pushed down to the bottom of the page. This brings in more customers willing to pay for ads instead of having an organic listing, as organic listings do not get put in the prime locations. Product listings have increased both on mobile and desktop we have seen this increase in the past couple of years.

How to grow your Shopping campaigns beyond natural growth

There are many ways you can improve the performance of your shopping campaigns above all natural growth that Google is providing now. What people need to think is that 90% does seem quite high but if you think of it being a few percent growth above natural growth, it will be so much easier to manage.

Invest in Google Shopping

Google Shopping is getting more and more popular this is because it’s a very cheap way of getting customers to view a product for such a low price. Google shopping is the deal of the century as the costs to put ads onto Google shopping is at its all-time low but this isn’t the best part, the conversion rates on Google are good.

Google Shopping soon will change as customers will release that Google Shopping is the way forward as it has high conversion rates and the cost per click on Google shopping is very low at this moment in time. But soon this will change due to the popularity the bidding for each products CPC will go up in price.

This would be the best moment in time to invest your money with Google Shopping. This is because all costs are low and returns are very high as there isn’t much competition. As a seller/retailer if you work out the bestselling strategy on Google Shopping platform you will be able to get a head start before to many people start bidding for the highest position.