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How to set up Bing shopping ads while using google shopping campaigns! (Quick & Easy Guide)

Setting up Google AdWords shopping campaigns can be time consuming & you wouldn’t want to recreate the same campaign, to add to your Bing AdWords account. The good news is that there is in fact an easy way which is importing the file from Google AdWords straight into Bing. After adding the file into Bing, you may need to consider on changing the bids as they could be too high for the market on Bing.

What you need to do when importing a file from Google straight into Bing?

  1. Set up a working Google XML Product Feed
  2. Set up a working Google AdWords Shopping campaign
  3. Create a Bing Ads account
  4. Create a Bing Merchant Center Store – To do this you need to have verified your site by setting up Bing Webmaster Tools account for your website.

After you have done the following you are ready to export the file from Google straight into Bing.

Setting up your Bing shopping feed file

You will need to make a copy of the Google Shopping feed and check the attributes are accepted to use within the Bing campaign. Most of the attributes are accepted which is good but there could be some minor differences between the two so you may need to change some of the content.

Once you have done this you should be ready to import your shopping campaigns into Bing Ads.

Importing directly from AdWords

Follow these quick steps below to import directly from AdWords:

  1. Sign into Bing Ads
  2. In Bing Ads Click Import Campaigns and choose Import from AdWords:
  3. Sign into Google AdWords and then accept
  4. Select the shopping campaigns that you want to import.
  5. Under the heading Choose Bing Ads account and import options select the following:

–           Choose the Bing Ads account to import into

–           Select your time zone

–           Choose which campaigns to import

–           Set your Bids and Budget Options

–           You will need to make sure you have Bing Merchant Center account setup.

6. Once all the steps are completed above click import.