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Google Introduces Rich Results & Testing Tool

In recent years, advertisers have had various ways in which to highlight your website’s content in search. These have been called ‘rich snippets’, ‘rich cards’ or ‘enriched results’. Going forward, Google’s documentation will use the name “rich results” for all of them. Additionally, a new rich results testing tool has been introduced to make diagnosing your pages’ structure data easier.

The new testing tool focuses on the structured data types that are eligible to be shown as rich results. It allows you to test all data sources on your pages, such as JSON-LD, Microdata or RDFa. It will provide a more accurate reflection of the page’s appearance on Search and improve handling for Structured Data found on dynamically loaded content.

This feature is only currently supported for recipes, jobs, movies and courses, but is planned to expand over time.

Rich Results

Rich Results Testing Tool

Testing a page is easy. Just open the testing tool, enter a URL and review the output. If there are any issues, the tool will highlight the invalid code in the page source.

If you are working with several others on testing pages, the share-icon on the bottom-right lets you do that quickly. You can also use the preview button to view all the different rich results the page is eligible for. One you’re happy with the result, use Submit to Google to index and fetch this page for search.

Check out Google’s guide for marking up your content.