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Customer Match – A Year On…

Are you making the most of Google Customer Match?
It’s been a whole year since Google Customer Match hopped into the ring with Facebook Custom Audience and battered them, sending the PPC world into an excited frenzy. 12 months on, we take a look at whether you’re taking full advantage of Customer Match, and if you aren’t, how you can.

How it works

Customer Match is essentially a powerful remarketing tool for advertisers to create highly targeted and personalised campaigns by unlocking the power of email addresses buried in your CRM.

1) Upload these addresses into Adwords. It’s important to note you’ll need a minimum of 2000 records here.

2) Google will then match them with Google accounts, creating a targeted audience list(s). These don’t need to just be Gmail addresses either – Customer Match has the ability to identify any domain associated with a Google account. And with a 50% match rate – you’ll be flying in no time.

3) Hey presto! When these users are logged onto their Gmail accounts, they’ll be experiencing tailored adverts across the Search Network, Gmail and Youtube.

4) Not only these users either. Thanks to Google’s all seeing eye, your ads will appear to everyone they deem similar to your customers and prospects. And with campaigns appearing in real time, you’ll be able to optimise as you go!

How can you be using Customer Match?

  • Got a subscription based service such as insurance? Grab customers around renewal time (before they potentially stray to a competitor) with a deal that they simply cannot refuse.
  • We’re sticking with brand loyalty for our second point too. Customer Match provides you with the perfect platform to cross and up sell, encouraging customers to make repeat purchases. Your customer has just purchased some trainers from you, why not offer them the chance to complete the look with the perfect pair of running tights too?
  • Take some time to segment your data, and you can really get to work on targeting specific audiences with the message they want (NEED) to be seeing! If you’ve got a customer who enjoys spending a little more cash than your others, give them a little more care and attention with customer match!

Need a hand?
The team at Adstats would love to help. If you have a question about Customer Match or anything else PPC, please get in touch.